im CLEARLY on the wrong website then i want the police notified right away

apatheory replied to your post:
then do it

well yea i mean thats the intention but what do ppl even do all day on tumblr

rly thinkin i should b here more often

ok tho i kno i havent been here long but ill try to be here more often soon but for now i need 2 go gnite u guys


congrats on being…follower number 37? shrugs.

37 is a big number thats almost 40 im proud of u

im roxy and congrats on bein follower number 25 


Well that was already implied for me but you had it right. 
I’m good Rox, just laying on my roof, blogging like I’m some hipster shit. 

is that what all the cool kids are doing?? blogging from the roof?? dam i need to get a roof someone get on the PRONTO
im ok im having a p good night rn actually


im not tall my shoes are lying to u


Like gumdrops and constant worrying? 
Yes, welcome to the new age Lalonde.

i was thinking smth more along the lines of warmth and excitment but u kno what u said works too cause i do that a lot
hello dirk howre u whats hip happenin


Wrong, so close but this is Dirk.

i got too excited to talk to u dirk this si what friendship feels like

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